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UPVC windows

UPVC - Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, this directly denotes, it is absolutely Environmental Friendly. Due to its unique properties UPVC is widely recognised as one of the best and most fit-for-purpose materials for doors and windows.

Kitchen Cabinet Outer Covering

It comes under various sizes based on your room space. The outer covering can be provided either in PVC or Glass. Being it is customization we can provide PVC racks along with the outer covering.


Kitchen Cabinet with Drawer Unit

It provides more space to keep vessels when compare to shelf. You can select many Drawer units like Carousel unit, Cutlery Tray, Plate Basket etc.


Kitchen Cabinet with Glass Covering

It provides a fancy look to your kitchen and adds value to your House.


Pooja Shelf


It can be provided with bell and without bell. To keep Pooja material we can also provide extra Drawers.


Wash Basin Cover


Which give a nice look as well as it provides spaces to keep cleaning purpose items.


Loft Cover & Wardrobe


We can use different types of shutters like openable, sliding and glass.




It plays a major role in a house, which gives a royal look of the Cheap Cosplay Wig UK house. For show case we use mirror shutters.


Book Shelf, EB Box, Utility Box


It comes in different sizes based upon the place it require for example, shelf for subject Books, shelf for Documents etc.. and we can make provision for stationeries also.


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